The program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students where in they can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years. Generally if you pursue MBA from some other institute and even if you finish your studies in 13 months you can give your exam only after 24 month. In our case if you finish your studies in 13 months, you can give your exams and get your certification done, thus saving your own 11 months. The duration of the program completely depends on the student caliber.

First of all your certificate will not indicate that you have finished your program in 6 months or 8 month. It just indicates your Passing out date . * Secondly for past n years, we have been giving this fast track MBA and you can see the list of companies where our students are placed. So the Companies do accept and acknowledge this MBA.
Since you already have an experience of "N" years, we acknowledge the fact that you already have the basic knowledge of Management through your practical & Professional experience . As such there is no need to go through the basics again. Thus we only the necessary subjects which are absolutely required for a program to be called an MBA.
We don’t have the AICTE approval.
There are several reasons behind that:-
  • First of all they have certain norms like to run an institute you should have 5 acres of land in an urban area or 25 acres in a non urban area. Also your classroom size should be according the there norms and you should have a bank balance of 2 cr.
  • On second though if we take their approval we will lose our strong points such as;-
    • We will not be able to provide you with the Fast Track Programs, as the duration would be decided by AICTE Norms.
    • To maintain our accreditations with UKAS, we need to maintain our own set of standards, which might not be possible if we take AICTE approval. This is because if we take their approval then the quality of our study material, the course curriculum would be decided by the AICTE. As far as UGC is concerned, they give grants to a university and we are not a university.

In distance learning mode, we are definitely in top 10, as rated by various business magazines like Business Management Chronicle, Google.com etc.

Management programs are professional certificate courses and the question of a degree does not arise. We have courses from Diploma to Doctorate level and we provide you with the certificates. The degrees can only be provided by the different Universities and since we are a self financed autonomous body; we cannot provide you with a Degree.

I can assure you that this certificate will be valid anywhere as far as govt jobs are concerned. You will find a list of Students who have finished their program from our institute and many of them are in the govt sector (Please visit Our Alumni List). Many of our students have applied for the govt. job after our course and they have been selected.

You can go for one/ two extra specializations. You have to pay Rs. 5000/- extra per specialization.

After submitting your papers, you shall receive your certificates in 45 working days.

After enrollment you will receive your study material in 10 working days.

As we told you the question papers that we send you are based on case studies / objective type , which have no direct theoretical questions where you can open the book and copy. You consult your colleagues, your books, your friends and then you learn to handle that situation. In this case also if to answer the question if you are taking anybody's help, you are learning something. Even IIM's, IIT's have started this unique examination style called Open Book Test system

The program duration is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years.

If you are talking about the validity then it is equivalent. But in terms of the course curriculum I would say our MBA would be a little better as we update our curriculum every 6 months as compared to a university 2-3 years.

The entire learning process is based on Self Study, where as books are given according to the Program take by the student . After a month the student will be provided with Chapter Vise Assignments in relation to the chapters in the books.

Accreditation means we are allowed to use the logo of a particular body (whom we are accredited to) on our certificates. That mean these bodies have certified that we meet their standards of quality and hence they certify the validity of these certificates. Being accredited to bodies like UKAS Global Groups makes your certificate valid and acceptable all over the world.

If the profile of the student does not match with the eligibility criteria of the courses. The students will be provided with the suggestions from our end regarding the course which will match with the student's profile.

If you meet the required eligibility, you can take up more than one course at a time.

Yes! That’s precisely the point of distance learning: you can study from anywhere in the world. Your courses are conducted through Email, while help and information is provided by phone or E-mail.

Question papers will be sent via Email on your request, Where as you need to make a Hard copy of the Answer Papers and submit in the Branch on the given Submission date provided by the Exam Department.

If you fail to obtain the minimum passing marks, you will be given a second chance for re-examination by paying Rs. 500/- for each paper.

All programs of IBMS are Autonomous.
In the changing economic environment what matters most is the recognition by the employers/industry. The MBA Program is highly appreciated and valued by blue-chip employers, as it is a uniquely designed program in Management, comprehensively covering all the functional areas of management in great depth. In today’s buyer’s market, these professionals will have good prospects in Indian companies and also in MNCs operating in India and abroad. IBMS is a non-university institution.

All programs of IBMS are Autonomous.
  • To expose the participants to the various theories and practices of Management.
  • To equip the student with Skills which they can handle their current business tasks in a better and effective manner.
  • To give the participants a holistic perspective of Management so that they can shoulder greater Responsibilities in their future career.
  • To get tuned to the latest developments and best practices prevalent in the current economy.